Improve your customer intimacy profitably.

Improve your customer intimacy profitably. We partner our clients to institute world-class data systems (processes, technology and structure) for smart, timely and impactful decisions. Deep insight of internal and external factors that drive customer experience and financial performance shape these decisions, with supportive grounding from data availability, accessibility and strong governance. We understand that the journey to data maturity – full capacity to maximize information resource, is a lengthy one. Our team is able to position the organisation to harness immense value from its data assets to solve problems and exploit opportunities.



These companies characterized by absence of or very little reporting typically due to manual operations, siloed spreadsheets. Data, which is usually on-demand reports and not automated, tends to be retrospective and descriptive.

We will design the right data solution for your organisation enabling you define, track and report on specified Key performance indicators (descriptive analytics) to improve strategy execution and achieve a competitive edge


At this stage, data storage is centralized into a single data warehouse (Single source of truth) and the reporting process is automated. Information is still backward-looking, descriptive data with limited capability for investigative analysis and rapid model development. Information is connected so enables stakeholders understand the correlations between different data sets. E.g how did marketing campaigns affect sales last year and doing more root cause analysis. Organisations further up the curve, have a skilled in-house data team and are able to do their own modelling.

Building on existing internal capabilities we help you grow towards data democratization to make insights more widely accesible.


At this stage, data is part of every team’s daily operations. Consequently, the demand for more advanced data analytics is high. There is significant growth in personnel skillset and technology.

We help organisations improve data governance, processes and capability (predictive and prescriptive data) resulting in a responsive and scalable data function. Capabilities would include decision-making about future products, markets, customers and staff among others. At this point, the organisation becomes data-driven. Attaining this level of maturity requires heavy investment in people and technology but yields substantial returns. The full return on investment may have a relatively longer payback period, as such, it would be prudent to manage your own expectations accordingly.