Our client, a key government agency responsible for driving SME growth, recognised a set of problem s common to a cross section of SMEs. This included inadequate capacity, limited access to markets, inadequate capital, support with regulatory framework and operational inefficiency. These were compounded by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. 

Our Solution

Our client developed a comprehensive multifaceted project to address these issues using technology as a key driver. The SME Innovation and Digitalisation Support Scheme was aimed at digitalising 500 SMEs to aid in recovery from covid-19, improve their resilience and foster growth. Having secured funding from a donor agency (The German Cooperations invest for jobs), our client needed an implementation partner to deliver the project. We played the role of Digital Transformation Lead responsible for delivering the full scope within the project constraints. Over 6,600 people have been directly impacted by the project with a potential to indirectly impact over 27,000 lives.

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